Planning Ahead

  • Age requirement: 7 days or older
  • Airfare: Infants fly free on domestic flights and are charged 10% of an adult fare on international flights.
  • Seating: Your infant will not be assigned a specific seat unless you purchase a child fare ticket. If, however, you are a single adult passenger traveling with more than one infant, you must purchase at least one child fare ticket.

Baggage Allowances

International Flights
  • 1 stroller and 1 car seat (or bassinet).
  • 1 item no larger than 115cm (length, width, height) and under 10kg.
Domestic Flights
  • 1 stroller and 1 car seat (or bassinet).

Guide for Stroller

  • A stroller larger than 115cm (length, width, height) must be checked-in during the check-in process or at the boarding gate.
  • A stroller which is fully folded portable umbrella-type stroller may be carried in the cabin when storage space is available. (within 100 x 20 x 20cm)
  • Passengers can pick the stroller up at the gate for international stations.
    (In some stations including Korea domestic stations, stroller cannot be delivered to the gate)

Free Stroller Rental Service

  • Korean Air provides Free Stroller Rental Service to passengers traveling on Korean Air operated flights at A19 check-in counter located on the 3rd floor at Incheon Airport.

Note: Please be advised that the number of strollers is limited and the strollers can be used at Incheon Airport only.

In-flight assistance for baby


Please submit your request at least 24 hours in advance through service center or homepage “My Trips”. Infants under 24 months will be served baby food and orange juice or child meal. If your infant has special needs or food allergies, please bring the necessary food items by yourself, as we cannot provide any substitutes.

Please note that we no longer offer infant formula including powdered milk as of Jun 1, 2017.


A limited number are available on international flights only. If you want to reserve one for your flight, please let us know at least 48 hours before departure.

  • Weight : Less than 11kg (24.25 lbs)
  • Length : No longer than 75cm (2.46 ft)
Car seats:

They can only be used on-board if space allows, so please confirm before boarding.

Diaper changing:

All aircraft used for medium and long-haul flights have bathrooms equipped with drop-down diaper changing stations.

Baby Seat & Harness

Service Availability: International flights to/from Incheon.
(Except for routes to/from Japan or China, and routes operated with B737 - a small sized aircraft)

How to Apply: Request for a baby seat and/or a harness should be made at least 72 hours prior to departure. Please contact Korean Air’s service center or your travel agency.

Applicable Passenger
  • Baby Seat : Infant passenger under the age of 2 who occupies a paid seat (child fare)
  • Baby/Child Harness : Infant passenger using a baby seat/child passenger under the age of 5
Recommended Standard by the Manufacturer
Recommended Specification
Baby Seat
(set the seat to face forward)

Baby/Child Harness
9.1kg (20lbs) ~ 31.7kg (70lbs)
10kg (22lbs) ~ 20kg (44lbs)
Less than 124.5cm (49in)
Less than 101.6cm (40in)

Note: The products are approved for in-flight use by FAA.


  • For infants with health issues, medical authorization is needed prior to boarding in order to guarantee safe air travel.