The Aircraft of Choice

Korean Air will match the right aircraft to your schedule and destination.

The Boeing Business Jet

Absolute freedom. Absolute luxury.

The Korean Air Boeing Business Jet offers you the freedom to work and the freedom to relax with a VIP Zone and a Business Zone. The VIP Zone is furnished with 4 bedrooms and 6 VIP seats, while the Business Zone contains 180-degree lie-flat sleeper seats. Overall, the cabin can be customized to hold either 16 or 28 seats, depending on your needs.

The Boeing Business Jet Specifications

The Boeing Business Jet Cabin Layout

The Global Express XRS

Speed. Distance. And absolute comfort.

The XRS — built by Bombardier, the renowned business jet manufacturer — can fly faster and farther than any other aircraft in its class. To help relieve the fatigue of long-distance travel, there are 13 spacious seats, a sofa bed and wireless internet service.

The Global Express XRS Specifications

The Global Express XRS Cabin Layout

The Sikorsky 76C+

Great mobility. Maximum flexibility.

The advantage of this multipurpose commercial helicopter: It can take off and land without a runway. That makes the Sikorsky 76C+ a quick and agile way to travel to the other side of the city or to get an aerial view of project sites. Available to passengers traveling on regular Korean Air flights, we offer an easy connection at Gimpo/Incheon Airport.

The Sikorsky 76C+ Specifications

The Sikorsky 76C+ Cabin Layout